AustESE workbench

Demonstrations, Tools and Services currently available for testing include:

Content Repository

Describe Works, Versions, Artefacts, Agents, Events etc

Text Import & Mark-up

Upload and edit facsimile images and transcriptions

TILT: Text and Image Linking Tool

Align selected regions of transcriptions and facsimile images

Collation and Textual Analysis

Send transcriptions to Multi-Version-Documents from the Digital Resource Organiser. View resources using collation tools via the 'Send To' menu in the Digital Resource Organiser or from individual resource pages (double click on a resource to view). Collation tools include:

Annotation and Tagging

Annotate transcriptions or images by selecting regions from any resource view (e.g. on resource pages, or in the collation tools).

Access and Authentication

You will need to be signed into the workbench with an OpenID account (e.g. Google account) to gain access to some features. AAF support will be added late 2013.
The AustESE workbench web interface is powered by Drupal 7. Tools and services developed for the AustESE workbench are available as open source. See the Project wiki on GitHub for details.